Bosco Sodi - Heavens and the Earth | Blain Southern

There are two parts of this exhibition. First the heavens: big black and white paintings, made of ultra-thick paint, cracked in interesting ways, depicting mysterious swirls and bubbles. It’s as if you’re staring at a mountain range from the sky.

Then the earth, brick towers in Jenga-style patterns. They look about as stable as Jenga towers, too: the bricks wonky and uneven.

installation view

The bricks and the paint were both formed by chance as well as craft. Sodi, who lives and works in Mexico, lets his works change with age: his paint cracking as it dries, left out to the elements, his bricks hand-fired, unique.

“It’s about embracing the accident… embracing the passing of time,” the artist says.

Though, ironically, given their quite chaotic genesis, the overall effect of these works is one of great, calming serenity.

Bosco Sodi: Heavens and the Earth is at Blain Southern (London). 30 January – 23 March 2019