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Anthony Caro - Seven Decades | Annely Juda Fine Art

Anthony Caro, Annely Juda Fine Art, London1 min read

Despite the epic title, this one is a small, lovingly-curated show over two floors in a quiet upstairs gallery off Oxford Street. I particularly loved the bigger machine-like works on the upper floor.

They’re collectively a study in contrasts: the forms balanced between the rectilinear and the curvy; the material combining both reused parts and the purpose-built; the surfaces vary between the smooth and the pitted.

anthony caro - sky passage

What about Sky Passage (T0179), a very recent, three metre high work from 2015. Look at that clean stainless steel, set off by furry old cast iron. Some bits have been painted. Despite its forbidding size and cage-like grids, there’s something lovable in its ungainliness, its lack of symmetry.

There’s something very particular about Caro’s work, and he’s always been an innovator: the notes claim breathlessly that his putting sculptures on the ground without plinths had never been done before.

Downstairs sits some of his earlier sculptures and a few paintings, generally on a smaller scale (how could it not be?). Generally it’s more figurative, with small - though muscly - warriors and bulls. They’re generally bronzes, with a firm thumbprint from Picasso.

Though it’s those big, later, metal assemblages that stood out to me. How wonderful for an artist with such longevity, to have saved the best for last!

Anthony Caro: Seven Decades is at Annely Juda Fine Art (London). May 1- July 6 2019

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